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25 Best Holiday Party Drinks(Slideshow)

25 Best Holiday Party Drinks(Slideshow)

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A list of the most delicious and accessible holiday drinks for your soirée

Ah, doesn’t it feel like prom all over again? Not that you were putting rum in the punch at prom (right?), but there is something nostalgic about a big glass bowl of party-perfect punch — especially when you make it the classic red!

When to serve: This drink really is great for all parties, but works perfectly for a Halloween soirée. Something about that ruby red bowl can be awfully eerie on a decadently creepy table.

Learn how to make Rum Punch.

25. Rum Punch

Ah, doesn’t it feel like prom all over again? Not that you were putting rum in the punch at prom (right?), but there is something nostalgic about a big glass bowl of party-perfect punch — especially when you make it the classic red!

When to serve: This drink really is great for all parties, but works perfectly for a Halloween soirée. Something about that ruby red bowl can be awfully eerie on a decadently creepy table.

Learn how to make Rum Punch.

24. Mojito


Minty fresh, this light cocktail is slightly dangerous since it goes down so smoothly. Because most find the drink so refreshing, it is best to infuse it with your favorite flavors (like berries or cucumber) to make it even more palpable to your palate.

When to serve: This refreshing drink pairs well with a light leafy meal or makes for a great summertime signature cocktail.

Learn how to make a Mojito.

23. Margarita


Frozen or on the rocks, this drink is a summer staple. The bite of the tequila and the refreshing burst of lime (or really any flavor your heart desires) is a fantastic way kick back and relax.

When to serve: Best served with a rim of salt or sugar, this classic drink is known for pairing with any Mexican-style fare. Cinco de Mayo and Dia de los Muertos are ideal days to consume this drink, but really any summertime fiesta is a great time to enjoy this delicious drink!

Learn how to make a Classic Margarita.

22. Old Fashioned

Pour yourself one of these and Don Draper would be proud. A "gentleman’s drink," the Old Fashioned contains basic, strong ingredients and works for a range of alcohol preferences.

When to serve: You have to start off a bachelor party with this drink. It's classy, demure, and potent enough to put hair on your chest, and you and your buddies will get the night started right with this mixed drink.

Learn how to make an Old Fashioned.

21. White Russian


Made popular by The Dude in The Big Lebowski, this alcoholic milk drink can definitely hit the spot after a hearty meal, and for some reason, tends to be a college favorite. Maybe campus police think it is chocolate milk?

When to serve: This is a great drink for a holiday party, as it is decadent enough to serve alongside a beautiful dessert table.

Learn how to make a White Russian.

20. French Toast Cocktail

Syrupy sweet, this bourbon absinthe mixed drink is not for the weak-willed. You have to appreciate the many layers of flavors and alcohol in one sip, and be sure to prep for a hefty ingredient list (well, hefty for a cocktail).

When to serve: Believe it or not, this powerful drink belongs to the early bird. We recommend serving it at a winter brunch since it is a bit heavier.

Learn how to make the French Toast.

19. Rusty Nail


The Rusty Nail is something Anchorman would adore, as it involves Scotchy, Scotch! A classic cocktail concoction, this drink is not for a crowd with weak stomachs.

When to serve: The ideal setting for a Rusty Nail could be a boisterous Labor Day or Memorial Day party, where it would fit well into a nautical theme.

Learn how to make a Rusty Nail.

18. Fizz

Making a drink with a little fizz always keeps spirits (both liquid and emotional) high! The Fizz is something even a novice cocktail enthusiast can make with simple ingredients that make a lasting impression.

When to serve: You definitely want to serve this drink for the holidays. It makes a perfect office party drink or can be made "virgin" so the kids can enjoy one, too.

Learn how to make the Fizz.

17. Grasshopper


A minty after-dinner drink, this cocktail is a decadent treat for any spirit lover. Despite its sickly green color, its fresh taste will delight your palate.

When to serve: To enjoy this cocktail, you really only need it as a fulfilling nightcap. But to use it at a party, we say you have to play up the color and serve it at a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Learn how to make a Grasshopper,

16. Black Russian

A simple vodka and coffee liqueur drink, this combination is almost a dessert-like lowball drink itself. This cocktail will leave you particularly full and satisfied.

When to serve: Serve this delicious dessert-like drink as a complement to sweet time at a bridal shower.

Learn how to make a Black Russian.

15. Sidecar

Sweet, summery, and citrusy, this delicious cocktail uses several different liquor ingredients to give off a lovely blended orange color.

When to serve: Since this drink looks like it captures the sun, serve this at a summer barbecue or winter grill-out to catch a hint of warm weather.

Learn how to make the Sidecar.

14. Negroni


This drink literally takes it to the next level! Count Negroni, an Italian spirit lover, requested gin be put in his drink rather than soda water and the Negroni was born!

When to serve: This clearly belongs at an amped-up party. If you are hosting any sort of dance -fueled soirée, this cocktail will surely give guests all the liquid confidence they need.

Learn how to make a Negroni,

13. Aviation

Creamy and sweet, this mixed drink will absolutely help your taste buds take flight with its complex ingredient list that will challenge and excite your palate.

When to serve: Serving a creamy drink can be tough, but we recommend using it as a nice after-dinner drink for those who aren’t quite ready for coffee yet.

Learn how to make the Aviation.

12. Vesper

Crisp, classic, and no-frills, this classic cocktail will take you back in time to the crooner lounges and fancy suits in them who used to sip this cocktail.

When to serve: If you’re hosting a casino night, this cocktail is a perfect, as it appears in both Bond books and movies!

Learn how to make a Vesper Martini.

11. Screwdriver

Simple, straight, and to the point, this citrus and vodka cocktail is easy to make and even easier to drink!

When to serve: Forget brunch! This drink takes us back to our formative college years — the ones where we were totally allowed to drink. If you are thinking of hosting a toga party, keep these simple ingredients on hand!

Learn how to make a Screwdriver.

10. Sazerac

Beginning as a toddy recipe from a New Orleans apothecarian, this drink is said to be the New Orleans version of an Old Fashioned cocktail.

When to serve: Try making this more complex cocktail for your at-home Mardi Gras celebration as a nod to NOLA!

Learn how to make a Rum Sazerac.

9. Gimlet

Typically a gimlet is a two-ingredient cocktail with few frills or fuss. Dry, tart, and to the point a Gimlet is a delicious nightcap and perfect to make on the fly.

When to serve: Try serving this drink on the front porch in the spring, especially if you are going to make our fresh cucumber version.

Learn how to make a Gimlet.

8. Tom Collins


No we aren’t talking about your neighbor. This gin-infused cocktail is crisp and refreshing — perfect for a simple palate.

When to serve: We think this cocktail is best enjoyed at a Christmas dinner, with its slight fizz and clean look.

Learn how to make a Tom Collins cocktail.

7. Tequila Sunrise


You definitely do not want to serve this colorful drink in a dark glass. This beautiful, bright drink is constructed simply but makes for a fancy-looking cocktail that will impress guests.

When to serve: This drink is definitely a morning event type of cocktail, but we think it would be specifically special at a Mother’s Day brunch to beat the boring mimosa blues.

Learn how to make a Tequila Sunrise.

6. Cosmopolitan


Affectionately known as a Cosmo, this flavorful cocktail got its big break with the help of the four sassy women on Sex and the City. This aptly named worldly drink will have you feeling sophisticated in no time!

When to serve: We hate to be so stereotypical, but you have to serve cosmos at a girl’s night in. After all, what are cupcakes and rom-com marathons without the vodka-infused drink?

Learn how to make a Cosmopolitan.

5. Mai Tai


Sweet and fruity, the Mai Tai is like a slice of tropical heaven. Or pineapple — not mutually exclusive concepts in our book.

When to serve: A drink this divine must mean it is meant for great things — like your first summer party or Hawaiian-themed luau!

Learn how to make a Mai Tai.

4. Mint Julep


Mixing the strong with the sweet, this Southern-inspired drink is delicious any time of the year. We love the powerful blend of bourbon and mint to make the tastiest cocktail around.

When to serve: While we do believe the Mint Julep is refreshing no matter what season it is, you cannot argue that it must be served at your next Kentucky Derby party, as it is the official drink of the racetrack.

Learn how to make a Mint Julep.

3. Manhattan


Named after the high-brow borough, a Manhattan cocktail has all of the swank and style you could want in a drink. Only one thing is required when mixing up a Manhattan and that is a damn good whiskey.

When to serve: A drink like this should make its debut at a New Year's Eve party. Not only is it named after the city where the ball drops, but it’s dry, heavy flavor will complement all of that bubbly.

Learn how to make a Manhattan cocktail.

2. Bloody Mary


A Bloody Mary cocktail is a classic "hair of the dog" cure and one that pairs well with any adventurous palate. Though there are several versions of this popular drink, most pale in comparison to the flavorful kicked up classic.

When to serve: Since this cocktail is known for its amazing "hangover relief" powers, you’d want to serve it at an event like a brunch, especially if your apartment is the crash pad for the evening.

Learn how to make a Bloody Mary cocktail.

1. Martini


You can’t argue with a classic. A vodka martini, shaken, not stirred (sorry, we had to) is the top choice for many cocktail lovers. With this classic party cocktail, you are guaranteed to make guests happy with your super swanky liquor menu.

When to serve: The best time to serve this delicious drink is at a formal party. If you’re hosting a dinner party involving co-workers or even bosses, we can promise they will be impressed by your classic beverage choice. And they will totally give you a promotion. We think.

Learn how to make a classic martini.