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St. James shells (scallops) with mushrooms in reduced fish sauce

St. James shells (scallops) with mushrooms in reduced fish sauce

1. I created fish soup, about 200 ml, by boiling a fish head and a few bigger bones for 8-10 minutes (unlike soup / chicken or vegetable stock, fish soup is much faster). When it was almost ready I turned down the heat and added a tablespoon of liquid cream and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder (turmeric). I left everything on low heat for another 10 minutes until the juice was reduced and thickened.

2. I then sautéed the mushrooms in butter, cutting the tail into slices and keeping the "hats" in their natural form. I made them in half, because they were going to be cooked in the final phase.

3. I browned the shellfish meat, also in a little butter but also a little pepper.

4. I prepared a special sauce from arugula, olive oil, salt, pepper, all blended.

5. I started the final cooking / assembly, keeping the reduced sauce in the initial pot on low heat and hurrying to synchronize so that the preparation reaches the plate hot. I poured the sauce into the plate, then I arranged the slices from the mushroom tail, the large base of the mushrooms in the center and on top of them I put the mussels. I added another tablespoon of the green sauce, slightly bitter / sour. For decoration, I chopped half a red bell pepper into cubes.

And from the eggs of these shells I made this recipe, in case you passed it :).

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